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Service Details
Plan Speed X times faster than Dial Up Web page (80KB) Picture (1MB) Price per Month Purchase
Up to 0.64Mbps High Speed DSL Up to 640 Kbps 10 0.9 sec 9 sec Starting at $19.95** SIGN UP NOW!
Service Features Included with your Residential High Speed Plan
Unlimited Surfing up to 20 GB per month each additional GB billed at $2 YES Wireless Home Networking compatible YES
Talk on phone and surf at the same time YES UNLIMITED dialup usage YES
Free technical support YES    
Number of accounts/usernames available UNLIMITED* Maximum Attachment Size 5 MB
E-mail storage 10MB Free Web Access to 295.ca E Mail YES
Security Services
Anti-virus Block On Email YES Optional Modem WiFi, VoIP, Router, Hub, USB Hub YES
Anti-Spam Block on Email  YES    
Modem/Router rental/purchase options of $5 to rent or $129 to purchase
Thompson 516(i) modem buy for $129 or rent for $5 per month
Features at-a-glance:
ADSL2 + connection to the Internet / 1x Ethernet port / Firewall / VPN support / LAN connectivity / No PC setup Required
Thompson 780wl modem and wireless modem buy for $229 or rent for $10 per month
Features at-a-glance:
All the above PLUS: 4 x Ethernet ports / 2 Voice ports (VoIP) / Instant Wireless home network / Works as a router - no PC setup required
 **First, second and last months at $19.95 all other months $26.95
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